Welcome To Urban Accounting

Business owners need accounting support that guides, protects, and advises. Whether your concerns are related to payroll, taxes, corporate structure, or a combination of all financial issues, Urban Accounting can help.

At Urban Accounting, we are a new generation of accounting. Our accounting professionals and accounting clerks will deliver paperwork right to your office or doorstep, pick up documents, or walk you through newly implemented software systems. We offer all of these services without charging the prices found elsewhere, and we never charge on a per transaction or hourly basis.

We are proud of our happy client base in Miami and our goal is to grow this group. We want to help business owners implement common sense, efficient strategies when it comes to the financial management of their business.

If you are looking for assistance with accounting and you want to work with a modern company that offers affordable and competent services, contact Urban Accounting at 305.477.5653 or by email at info@urbanaccounting.com.